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                +86 760 8520 3166 / 8520 7588
                Bonree Medical Sterilization Center
                • Provide third party sterilization service for ethylene oxide.
                • Training service for sterilization process.
                • Consultation on validation of sterilization process.
                Sterilizing capacity
                3 X 40 m3

                Our Available Services

                What kind ok the service you can grt from us.

                Excellent team

                Our technicians can provide high-quality service

                Complete products

                The medical equipment in spring garden is superior, cost-effective and economical and practical

                Quality assurance

                Product quality is guaranteed, and shopping is assured without worry

                fully reinforced

                Engaged in medical equipment industry for many years, rich experience

                after-sale service

                The company has a special after-sales service team, and will answer them carefully

                Close customer service

                7*24 hours
                Close customer service